Our stall price as follow:

Shell Scheme: 10 x 10 ft. Stall price = Rs. 25,000/-


  1. You will get business leads.
  2. The exhibition will be the ideal place to meet government, corporate decision-makers, investors, entrepreneurs and opinion makers.
  3. Brand recognition opportunity.
  4. A distinctive platform demonstrating what sets your company apart from the rest.
  5. Meeting rooms will be available for exclusive business meetings and talks.
  6. Your competitors will be here – so should you!
  7. 3000 above participants from all over the world.
  8. Organizers are committed to perform diligently for you.
  9. Participation of Public Sector, Stockholders and Policy Makers.
  10. Concurrent presence of Industrial experts and entrepreneurs.

Why It’s Better to Book Early?
The early you book, the prominent your spot will be on the exhibition floor. It will enhance your company’s corporate profile.

Why ICME-2022?
It aims to provide;

  • Awareness for public and government and set Energy Efficiency and Conservation Standards for Pakistan
  • A platform for government, corporate decision-makers, investors, entrepreneurs and opinion makers.
  • Annual meeting place that promotes dialogue fosters knowledge transfer and accelerates strategic decision making in the pursuit of viable solutions to the growing energy challenges.
  • Access to the best thinking, best practices, and innovations in clean energy deployment.
  • sustainability and green energy solutions, innovations and insights to accelerate the growth of your business

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