Lahore is the largest city and Provincial capital of Punjab province of Pakistan. It is one of the oldest city ruled by 56 Kings and 150 Governors during different periods. The city is full of images of footprints of various cultures which are visible through historical buildings of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and British.
The venue of HPEEBH 2018 conference, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) is surrounded by historical monuments of Mughal periods; a Muslim regime who ruled Lahore for more than 300 years and thereby Lahore became famous as city of Gardens. The famous Garden of this period “Shalimar Garden” is at 05 minutes’ drive from UET.

For centuries, Lahore has remained a cultural hub for South Asia. It is known as the Mughal City of Gardens. With a rich history dating over a millennium, the Mughal City of Gardens is also the 14th most populous city in the world. For more information about Lahore visit these websites: